Hello guys! Welcome to our new blog Today we are gonna say on goodness and unsatisfactory uses of social media. GOODNESS:- Guys ! Social media divers frequent in goodness . A good many broadcasts informations with others. Currently, flood eventuated in kerala, alive with social media we got to know what all arised through flood […]


Lost love!!

Hi guyss!!!Hope all you guys are happy!!You know guys we couldnt scrcely believe our eyes,we have done our first poem😍on lost love!! She never thought of being omitted from his heart,like a cuckoo chick. Her eyes teared up,slipping down her cheek on to the ground relentlessly. The days gone by, with a will, she could […]

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Hi guyss!!Today we are gonna post on the god’s greatest gift “Mother”.We had been bit quite this week as we had miserable exam.You know,our mind is floating with blog post but couldn’t do as time is tickling soo quickly… Guys!How would you live a day without your mother??? yes,its very hard to live a day […]

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Fake people..

Hi guyss!! welcome to our new blog.Today we are gonna say about fake peeps around us.These peeps come to shed our light and happiness of our life.They are the lie holders,and always pretend as if they are sweetest to others. Lol! Do you think our friends will always stand by our side??Obviously No,We think our […]

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Happy New Month..

Happy new month all.Its a great time to forget your past and live present with cheerful moment and bunchfull of love.Hoping will find beauty of all days of brand new month. And yes!Some have enjoyed last month a alot and some have wasted it.So its the great time to set a target and shot it […]

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Hi world ! Today we are going to share about success. Many of us always get depressed by the failure. But guys its a step towards success in which we learn a lesson. We can see in the world, due to failure,they step back and quit every desires they have. “SUCCESS IS INSPIRATIONAL BUT FAILURE […]


Story of our first blog

Hii everyone!!ourself reeha and sana, we always driving crazy on the blog.We really grattitude wordpress as it gave us the opportunity to be a blogger.We were inspired by Malvika Sitlani.We wish this would be our turning point to be a successful blogger. And yes!we had a great huddle on the blog and lol on our […]

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